Event sustainability is one of the most important challenges in the meetings industry. We help conference planners to reach sustainability event goals in each event with some easy items before, during and after the event.


providing a sustainability Coordinator for the event. Holding the event in an outdoor location or naturally-lit indoor location. Utilizing digital promotion for the event. Including sustainable event efforts in promotional materials. Designing a paperless promotion plan. Purchasing items made from recycled content. Buying products locally. Supporting socially responsible companies. Thinking of other ways to offer sustainable food at your event. Reducing Event Waste. Prrovideng benefits to the Community. Including physical activity as part of your event.


Ensuring that event sustainability information is provided to event participants. Turning off any unnecessary lighting or heating/air during the event. Monitoring water usage during the event. Motivating and training volunteers to help managing the zero waste stations at the event. Using partners and providers that contribute to the event sustainability.


Providing an online survey for event evaluation. Ensuring waste, recycling and compost are bagged and placed in the correct location for collection. Donating any extra food to a local food bank. Promoting the success of your event sustainability efforts.

Beyond the action

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